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To embrace Marmaris’s natural beauty, you should learn how to get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris first, don’t you? Yes you do. To help you about it, we made a comprehensive guide that gathers up short, simple and updated information about your vehicle options! Thus, thanks to this article, you will learn how to get to Marmaris at the best way that suits your plans. In short, you will land off airport, finish the check-off process and leave the airport, knowing which vehicle you should take.

Now, if you and your plans are ready, let’s learn the options!

Get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris by Havas

Havas is an airline transportation service managed by shuttles in the airport. The Havas shuttles have an assigned route in both ways (from airport to Marmaris and from Marmaris to airport), and a schedule in harmony with flight times. Moreover, Havas has economic prices. If you don’t mind travel through public transportation and want a cheap ride, you should definitely choose Havas.

  • Cost: Havas ticket costs approximately 25 Turkish Liras.
  • Route: Dalaman Airport, Dalaman, Ortaca, Koycegiz, Gokova, Marmaris (last station)
  • Duration: Approximately 90 minutes (depending on traffic and weather conditions)
  • Things to keep in mind: Havas has only one time table scheduled for all guests. So, make sure waiting at the departure point where Havas shuttles are placed at the right time! Then, you will go to Marmaris easily.

Get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris by Muttas

Muttas is the public transportation system provided by buses which belong to municipality of Mugla. For tourists who love mixing to local life, using these buses is very popular. It is also popular since Muttas is quite economic. To benefit from this transportation option, after landing off to the airport, you should go to assigned station and get on the bus. Then, you’ll be taken to Marmaris Bus Station.

  • Cost: Around 25 Turkish Liras. Credit cards cannot be used.
  • Things to keep in mind: Muttas buses will depart from the Domestic Flights area. Make sure waiting at the right place and time!

Get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris by Taxi

If you want to be in comfort, peace and get to Marmaris as fast as possible, you can take a taxi from the airport. And most importantly, you are able to go to Marmaris directly without changing vehicles! That is why, of course, taxi is more expensive than Muttas or Havas.

In the airport, various taxi stations can be found. You can take a taxi from one of them. As a tip, you can even arrange a taxi before your flight, so you’ll not wait for it.

  • Cost: Around 320 Turkish Liras
  • The distance between the airport and Marmaris is roughly 94 km.

Get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris by Marmaris Airport Transfer

Among all of these options, the answer of “how to get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris at the best way” is definitely “Marmaris Airport Transfer”. This amazing service provides you with ultimate comfort and a delightful ride. By being picked up from Dalaman Airport and taken to Marmaris directly by professional and friendly drivers, you will start your holiday perfectly!

Enjoy Your Holiday in Marmaris

In a nutshell, you have many options to choose. And since you know how to get from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris now, you can choose one of these transportation options above that appeals your program best, and have a good start! No matter which option you choose, don’t forget to enjoy your time in Marmaris. Have a nice holiday!

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